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The natural role for a Tiger is that of commander-in-chief. The most dismal positions for Tigers are those of a servant or lower subject. Summary Brave Tiger, a little error can lead to a large discrepancy. Slow down and think matters through. Your gift of action without forethought serves you well if working as a paramedic or on the front lines of a battlefield. However, impulsive actions have a way of coming back to haunt you not to mention putting you in traction.

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The squeaky wheels get the oil. The strong are expected to be strong. Share your burdens with others—this does not compromise your independence. Confide your sorrows as well as triumphs to a loyal Dog, a cheerful Horse, or an honest Pig. You have been given strong wings That you might fly to the highest pinnacles Of this life, And a clear, keen eye To behold the farthest horizons Of your dreams. The sheltered cliff of fear Cannot hold you. You shall soar on roaring winds of change In splendid flight. Whether organizing the masses in a walk for charity or pushing past roadblocks into a forest fire— Cindy will be leading the way.

She is in a perpetual state of movement. Impulsive and abrupt, she expresses herself eloquently albeit brashly at times. Few women are as loyal and capable as this young dynamo, and she is blessed with great courage and a sanguine temperament.

Once set on a goal, she will zealously pursue a successful completion. Her ability to make quick assessments and immediate decisions makes her a natural for positions of authority. Exhaustion is usually at the core of her health problems and, being a woman of extremes, it is a daunting task to slow her down. Her driving attitude toward life and refusal to show weakness make it difficult for her to ask for help. Cindy is also a deeply emotional woman who responds fervently to situations and events that touch her heart. Despite her chaotic schedule, she always finds time for her aged parents.

Her father, also a Tiger, is her role model and is a man of distinguished valor. Like her father, others depend and lean on Cindy sometimes too heavily. Even this most independent of souls needs to be cared for and nurtured herself. Tough on the outside, others seldom know how deeply wounded she can be by disloyalty, neglect, or apathy. Tall, beautiful, and blessed with extraordinary charisma, Cindy is a hard worker and despises laziness.

She considers herself totally equal to her husband and to all men in general, for that matter. Humanitarian and optimistic, this is a soul who follows her own drummer and seeks causes and people worth sacrificing for.


Her word is as good as gold and her profound loyalty is equal to none. She is self-taught and has no patience with those who complain or pretend to be helpless. She married the boy down the street just before her 13th birthday and took in her brothers and sisters to care for. In addition, she gave birth to her own child nine months later. Early on, Nana assumed important responsibilities. Her Tiger year of birth blessed her with the qualities she needed to survive, to lead, and to protect others. Many years, dramas, and grandchildren later, Nana commands the respect of both friends and foes.

Both Cindy and Nana have two predestined characteristics: Passion and protectiveness. The Tigress is prepared to reward those who hold her in this high esteem generously. Both of these extraordinary women are great humanitarians who have devoted their lives to the service of others. The Tiger Man Whether disassembling the undercarriage of a car to rescue a trapped kitten or dodging bullets as an implanted war reporter, Ray is the personification of energy and nobility. He is blessed with a natural advantage over others and possesses an authoritarian presence. No doubt here who is in charge.

Ray actively searches for new The Tiger 55 revolts and adventures. Lulls, relaxation, and inactivity make him squirm and the tempo of his life is fast, fearless, and exhausting. Unfortunately, he has accumulated an impressive number of speeding tickets of his own contending for urban pole position. Ardent for the absolute, Ray challenges the status quo and authority in general. Rebellious and impulsive, he resists controls at every turn.

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Ray is the first one to jump in to break up a dog fight or rescue a terrified child caught in the middle of a wartime firefight. It is important for him to take time to reload his energy munitions and find wholesome coping mechanisms. Sports are an excellent outlet for him, but from early childhood this adventurous young man has suffered from twisted joints, fractures, and scars.

His is a soul that is invaluable in resolving difficult problems and situations. His get-up-and-go attitude makes him a bold innovator in all fields. As a friend, his loyalty is unsurpassed and he fiercely protects those he calls his own. Damien is a large and imposing man.

As does Ray, Damien needs large and difficult projects to conquer.

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He knows how to put time limits on his dreams and transform them into attainable goals. Optimistic and goal-oriented, the walls of his office are covered with honors and awards of appreciation. Never afraid to challenge the powers that be, he has successfully battled the powerful and the influential, exposing scandals and reversing injustices. Damien enjoys being out in the midst of nature, exploring untried paths. Consequently, as his Tiger brother Ray, Damien bears the marks and scars of his heroism.

His destiny ebbs and flows with extremes, resembling gentle waves alternating with the violent swells of a tsunami. Despite being obstinate, Damien is well liked and respected for his candor and sincerity. Stealthily and confidently he strides ahead with unlimited enthusiasm virtually devoid of egoism or small-mindedness. Haste and pride remain his greatest foes. Damien is a karmic risk-taker who is wired for leadership. He has a taste for innovation and untried approaches, but is not always successful.

Financially, Damien has suffered his share of ups and downs, and has changed professions dozens of times. Both Ray and Damien, despite their contrasted backgrounds, share an honest and forthright character. An old-fashioned sense of chivalry and decency is at the core of their psychology. No mountain is too tall or ocean too wide for the heroic Tiger man to surmount.

The Rabbit soul has a need for comfort and privacy, and requires freedom from disturbance and disorder. The Rabbit is wild by nature, difficult to domesticate, and resists being pinned down. In Chinese folklore it is said that the Rabbit will always have three exits to its burrow, allowing escape at will.

This sensitive sign is fine-tuned to feelings and auditory sounds, and has its paw on the pulse of life. This offers the Rabbit exceptional insight into creative and detailed work. A Rabbit prefers to keep their own counsel, listen only to their inner intuition, and rarely acts on unsolicited advice. Rabbits side-step disruption artfully due to their even tempers and calm nature. When a Rabbit needs personal space they may vanish, reappearing when rested and when personal composure has been restored. Rabbits have a remarkable ability to heal from psychological as well as physical wounds.

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Both cautious and conservative, aloof yet charming, the Rabbit is a kind and helpful friend. The virtuous Rabbit possesses a highly developed sense of justice and fairness. This makes them much sought after for their mediation skills and diplomacy. The favorable time of day for the Rabbit is between 5 a. These are the rejuvenation hours of refuge and sanctuary.

Essential Temperament Cautious Rabbits contend with difficulties in life by limiting contact with chaos and confusion. Negative external influences can disrupt their creativity, especially the artists, musicians, and other right-brain creators. Peace at all costs is essential for their creative flow. In an emergency they can be counted on to lend assistance, and they are compassionate and devoted friends. Rabbits are squeamish where bloodshed is concerned, but shine in the role of understanding counselor. They dissect situations and analyze options.

Rabbits tend to worry about their health more than actually necessary. While not hypochondriacs, Rabbits take even small health matters quite seriously and tend to them without delay. Rabbit natives may be susceptible to stomach, digestive, and intestinal difficulties, are also vulnerable to environmental insults such as pollution and excessive noise. Rabbits rarely complain of being lonely. They prefer their own company or the company of a select handful of close friends.

Intimate gatherings of select guests are usually preferred to noisy social gatherings. Rabbits are so independent that their only real need is a comfortable, secure home and unlimited personal time. Loud noises, pollutants, brawls, and strong emotional stimuli overwhelm their delicate senses. However, due to their active interest in healthy food and nutritional programs, Rabbits do enjoy long and healthy lives.