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History of palmistry, introduction to international palmists, authors of Indian and international writer of Samudrikshastra- Brahma, Narad, Samudra Rishi. Authorised persons to study palmistry, Duties of a palmist, proper time for palm reading, place for palm reading, Instruments for palm reading, Methods of taking palm prints. Shape and characteristics of palm, kinds of palm and their shape, effect of skin and colour. Positions of Planets on Hand: Displacement and its effects.

Shapes of fingers, types of fingers, effect of skin colour and distance in fingers, finger parts and sign analysis, nails - shape and types with their importance etc. To know the disease by nails. Types of thumb, importance of thumb, effect of thumb on native. Paper-2 Analysis of Lines Lines Analysis: Analysis of different lines: Difference between main and secondary lines, analysis of plain palm or palm full of lines, prediction using alternate lines if main line is missing, computation of time of event.

Kinds of main signs found on a palm, recognition of different signs, important signs, rare signs, reasons for signs and their effects. Knowing diseases by palm, knowledge of disease by fingers and nails, comparative study of normal and abnormal diseases, knowing cause and time of diseases.


Knowing mutual merits, nature, intellectual, working capacity, mutual understanding, love and behaviour of two natives. Analysis of match making system, use of matching system in daily life. Remedies for negative effects, advent of goodluck, health, peace and education etc.. Paper-2 Face Reading Face Reading: Kinds of faces, knowing the personality of different faces, study of different lines on forehead. Different kinds of eyes and their merits, nature, disease, relation of eyes with eyebrows, several kinds of eyebrows and their effects, prediction through eyes.

Importance of ears, kinds of ears, influence of hair on the ear, personality difference due to small and large ears, effect of abnormal ears, knowing age by ears. Different kinds of noses, difference between small, long, flat and abnormal noses, knowing personality by nose. Moles found on different places and their effects, effect of mole on face, palm, different kinds of moles and their effects Parts of Body: To know the future by different parts of the body, effect of missing part or extra part of body.

Effect of different posture, effect of food habits, clothing, sitting, walking etc.. Compare with actual results.


Suggest remedies and prove that remedies actually responded with real situation. Study from a known palm whether any yogas are formed and show whether results actually compare with predictions. Do matching of two known persons and compare with results in real life. Study and prediction on the basis of face and palm of important personalities like Shankaracharya, Kaka Hathrasi, Pt.

Paper -2 Project Palm Reading: Compare with the actual happenings in his life. Take photographs of a person in different poses and write about him from his face reading and other postures. In this course a critical analysis of al least two original texts has to be done on a given topic and this is to be produce in form of a thesis. All students will participate in these discussions so that they can benefit from the subjects of one another.

The research will proceed according to following stages: Selection of topic of research-submission of synopsis 2.

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List of rules available in shastras on the topic. Formation of a questionnaire. Collection of data for the topic to 5. Application of classical rules on data to each topic. Relations of a rule and its result in each topic. Formulation of new rules, showing application in particular cases researched upon. Publication of research papers in journals. Submit copies of journals. To write the thesis. Therefore there are no classes. Students are required to carry out research by remaining in contact with their guides.

Manoj Kumar T;ksfr"k Hkw"k. Sharma Rahu, Ketu, Nep. Verma Horary Astrology Krishnamurti Pub. Shastri Advanced Predictive- Astrology Vol. Koth Varshphal Sagar Publications Pt. Luthra Nakshatra Sagar Publication K. Raman Ruling Planets and K. Pandey Palmistry How to Master it Prof. Sharma oklrq jru oklrq vksj vki bf. Sharma Bhartiya Vastugyan Chaukhamba Pub. Suman Pandit Teach yourself Vastu Pt. Sharma Advance Feng-Shui I. Rao Principles of Vastu Shastra K. Raman Silparatnakosa of Sthapaka Chaukhamba Pub.

Niranjan The secret world of Vastu Chaukhamba Pub. Reddy Vastusutra Upnishad Chaukhamba Pub. Amar Aggarwal Chhatisgarh Sh. Jayant Pandey Gujarat Ms. Vishruta Trivedi Karnataka Sh. Suresh Atray Rajasthan Dr. Sharad Tripathi Uttarakhand Sh. Anand Vrindani Punjab Sh. Akshay Sharma Moga Sh. Economics Batch 19 1. Tech Batch 1. What are the courses offered for undergraduates i. He has been studying astrology. There are so many types of dasha systems. But I found the Vimshottari. New Delhi 8 Estt.

He has a B. State Adoption Resource Agency Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Andhra Pradesh Assistant. By Veno, UK W hat makes Vedic Astrology superior to other divination systems is its level of accuracy and precision in prediction.

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Predictive methods are based on very complex calculations. We have over 47 branches that provide specialised foreign exchange services. Get in touch with us at any of these branches and we will be more than glad to help you. Name of the School with address strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board with pin code no. Online Acharya T. Khurana Vedic Astrology. Online Vishnu Sharma Astrologer.

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