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In astronomy , a conjunction is an event, defined only when using either an equatorial or an ecliptic celestial coordinate system , in which any two astronomical objects e. In the case of a geocentric conjunction of two of our solar system's planets, since our solar system's planets appear to travel "along the same line" the ecliptic , the two planets appear to an Earthbound observer as being near one another in the sky around the time of the conjunction.

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The list below presents instances during the period in which two of our solar system's planets are in conjunction according to the equatorial coordinate system in which the celestial longitude is termed right ascension. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources.

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  7. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Throughout October and November, this essential planet of information and communication has been excavating behind the scenes activity. Supporting and amplifying this trend, Mars entered Scorpio on November 19, just as Mercury went direct. Mars remains in Scorpio through December, taking over where Mercury leaves off. As the planet of action, Mars will continue drilling down in its relentless search for what matters, especially in matters that have been hidden in our personal lives as well as collective experience.

    For example, in light of recent impeachment hearings, the revealing of hidden motives and undiscovered content will continue to unravel and be exposed. There is an intensity here, and Mars will fight for truth and justice. These zodiac signs are outgoing, active, communicative and inquisitive. A stressful aspect from Neptune has the potential to cut through smoke screens, complexity, confusion, delusions and denial. Along with the Full Moon, upping the ante the second week of December, Venus joins serious and consequential Saturn on the 11th, and penetrating and exposing Pluto on the 13th.

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    Airwaves will be electrified, rife with controversy, and this entire week is very decisive. It is possible for one illusion after another to tumble down as this stressful alignment can actually shake up the status quo.

    Perhaps I am portraying an overly optimistic picture, but the quest for truth is often riddled with a contrast of fact and falsehood, especially given current circumstances. This also shifts the emphasis to primarily earth, the most practical and realistic of elements.

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    This combination provides a keen appreciation for tradition along with an exhilarating focus toward the future. As the reality of looms large, a profound recapitulation can take place in the personal domain as well as collective experience. No doubt, this is a global evolutionary moment.

    Of course, there will be much contemplation, many celebrations, prayers and meditations around the globe. The tide is turning as civilization has the chance to seize the moment and begin to positively engage the current trajectory.


    Momentum has been building, but the next decade is when the consequences of human activity become even more blatantly obvious and serious. Driving home, and delivering this cosmic message is an auspicious Solar Eclipse on December 26, followed by a Lunar Eclipse on January Because eclipses are so strong and definitive, I call them the exclamation points of astrological signature.

    In general, the thematic lessons begin to emerge a full four weeks before the first eclipse and continue two weeks after the final eclipse. Therefore; all of December and most of January is encompassed within this eclipse season. The line-up for the Solar Eclipse is impressive.

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    Many contributions are visible, out there for all the world to see, but most contributions are private, within the confines of family, work and local community. However, research into the psychological make-up of character suggests that a small group of people, approximately 1 in 25, do not have this barometer of what can be loosely defined as conscience.

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    Energetically, Capricorn exemplifies this test of character in the real world of form and function. No matter which mountain one chooses to climb, the journey requires focus and discipline, but the defining reference point can be summarized by motive. Motivation is what gets a person up in the morning. For the majority of people, the day is about basic survival, but motivated by sharing love, making a positive difference, contributing in big and small ways.

    However, the range of motivation is wide, ranging all the way from unselfish altruism to self- aggrandizement, with many variations in between. So what happens when someone is motivated by desire for power and prestige, to the point they are able to sidestep any sense of conscience, willing to deceive, lie, cheat, steal?