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Improvement in health of those ailing will be slow, but steady. Libra You may plan a get together.

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A deadline looms on the horizon, so tighten your belt to meet it. Some professionals may feel stagnated and may not derive full satisfaction in their present circumstances. You may have to motivate someone to take your side through inducements. A good dose of relaxation will recharge you completely. Scorpio You will need to do something special to celebrate a special event, so get started right now.

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Clarify your position with superiors at work, before the blame game gets to you. A car or a dream house is about to become a reality for some. A drive to the countryside is likely to give you the thrills. Health front seems fine. Sagittarius An issue regarding property may be taken up by you once again in the right earnest. You may be invited over by someone you only had a passing acquaintance, so take your call. There is little hope of getting a raise that you were so keen on, but this should not deter you in pursuing the matter. On the fitness front, your efforts of coming back in shape succeed.

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Someone may appear rude and arrogant, but is loyal and trustworthy, so overlook his or her shortcomings. Some new ideas may come to you regarding a venture undertaken. Blessings of a family elder will be reserved for you for your helpful nature.

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Create a serene and tranquil environment, if you want to retain focus on your studies. Aquarius You will find the going easy on the academic front. Your close associates may seek your advice, before starting on a new venture. A marriage proposal for the eligible may need to be weighed carefully. Give a serious thought to getting back in shape. A change in programme is very likely, but it will suit you better.

In fact, your foot may be well and truly wedged in your mouth!

Sun enters Scorpio

It goes without saying that your words need to be chosen with care. Your creative energy should now be at a peak, but not perhaps because the stars are all on your side. No gain without pain is a different way of doing it. Success will be guaranteed on the basis of your experience and skill. In fact, almost everything of importance seems to be concealed from public view.

What you see may be but the tip of a very large iceberg. Perhaps a close friend can help you view the secrets below the surface. You should give yourself some space to allow for romantic encounters, no matter what your age or inclination. Stock Market. Bold strategies, effective solutions and improved productivity, all at the helm of technology.

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