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When Xth and IInd Lords are associated 6.

Auspicious Yogas of Sun and Their Impact on Human Nature

When Xth and IVth Lords are associated 7. When Ist and XIth Lords are associated 9. When Ist and Xth Lords are associated Kalsarpa Yoga Formation : When all planets are hemmed in beteween Rahu and Ketu, this yoga is formed. Result : Various kinds of troubles, e.

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Some of the important yogas are given below : 1. Result : Energetic, strong, rash, thin waiste, courageous, strongly built, bilious nature, wealthy, rich, winning in struggles of life, favourite of the rulers, supervisors 2. Result : Intelligent, skilled in art, long-lived, courageous, respectful to religious gurus, doing own business, well-built body chest, arms, stomach , clever, good in speech; windy, bile and phlegmatic problems 3.

Result : Religious, favours from elders, respected by Govt, respectful to elders, famous, generous, long-lived, happy, wealthy, phlegmatic 4. Result : Worldly enjoyments, pleasures of life, sexual pleasures, fond of music, ornaments, furniture, dresses, opposite sex, phlegmatic an windy problems, graceful body 5. Result : Cruell, leader, head of a village, jealous, working for self, enjoying servants The above are called Panch Mahapurush Yogas. Result : Prosperous, landlord, name and fame throughout life, good sons, 9.

Result : Healthy, moral, free from mental worries, name and fame, fond of sensual pleasures, royal appearance, high position, renouncing the worldly life in later life Result : Self-made man, self-acquired wealth, intelligent, reputed, name and fame Result : Enjoyment of all pleausres, owning conveyance, liberal, generous, commanding, dutiful and faithful children Result : Intelligent, rich and wealthy, high status Result : Fluent speaker, wealthy, courageous, extremely charitable, good speech Result : Favoured by elders, high officials, superiors, good authority, wealthy, rich, blessed with children, all comforts and enjoyments, long-lived, learned and defeating everyone Result : Talkative, intelligent, strong, taking care of his relatives, favours from Govt, superiors, active, eloquent, sympathetic, helping others, diseases, poor, dependent on others : Papubhayachari Result : Learned, beautiful appearance, disciplined, obedient to superiors, enjoying life, obstinate, adventurous, heading town councils, senses under control, good moral character Result : Long-lived, wealthy, happy, serving in fields requiring courage, virtuous deeds, profound scholar, well-read, professor of vedas, aristocratic Result : Royal family, wealthy, famous, blessed with power, authority, enjoying all comforts of life, sweet speech, respected by rulers, Govt, protector of lands Result : Miserable in life, relations with low-class females, lives away from home, country, Result : Lucky, performing auspicious ceremonies, eloquent, powerful, long-lived, intelligent, wealthy Result : Shubh Kartari - Wealthy, courageous, strong, enjoying life Pap Kartari - Poor, afraid, weak, deprived of pleasures of life Result: Wealthy Astrology Software.

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Ravi Yogas: Veshi Yoga, Vashi Yoga and Ubhayachari Yoga

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Monthly Horoscope. When there are no planets in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon the native has nothing solid to react upon when confronted by new experiences and it takes them a moment to get centered. In this case, if the resulting Kemadruma Yoga is cancelled, the planets canceling the Kemadruma Yoga are what the native relies upon in order to catch their balance. The norm and average is for Anapha, Sunapha or Durudhara Yoga not to be present, but for the resulting Kemadruma Yoga to be cancelled.

When Anapha, Sunapha or Durudhara Yogas are found, consider them to be a benefit to the horoscope. Any planet, other than Rahu or Ketu, on an angle from the lagna. Any planet on an angle serves to focus and direct the native; therefore, these planets can avert the troublesome effects of Kemadruma Yoga.

Sun-Moon Yogas : Veshi Yoga, Vashi Yoga, Ubhaychari Yoga, Sunafa Yoga, Anafa Yoga, Durudhara Yoga

Mentally, however, the native will be somewhat fickle and unfocused. Adhama "worst" Yoga. The Moon in an angle 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th from the Sun. The native's wealth, intelligence, knowledge, and skill shall be little. These are important yogas that must be used correctly or else they will be misleading. A casual observation of only a few horoscopes will reveal that there are wealthy, intelligent, and knowledgeable personages with the Moon in an angle from the Sun, and those of lesser abilities and wealth born with the Moon in an apoklima from the Sun.

These yogas obviously, therefore, do not impose a restriction upon the native's wealth or intelligence. The Moon gives growth of all things and the light of the Moon is dependent upon the Sun, therefore, the growth and realization of any productive yoga, whether one that grants success, wealth, marriage, children, or anything else, is dependent upon the Moon's placement from the Sun, which indicates the level of preparedness with which the native meets the fructification of a productive yoga.

These three yogas are not meant to indicate the full measure of the native's wealth, intelligence and skill, but only to indicate the measure of wealth, intelligence and skill the native has upon the initiation of a productive yoga with which to bring the results of the yoga to fruition. When Adhama Yoga worst yoga is present, the Moon is in an angle from the Sun.

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The angles represent initiation and the beginning of an activity. Therefore, in horoscopes with the Moon in an angle from the Sun, the yogas, etc. Practically, the native does not have the wealth, education or skill, at the time of the initiation of a good yoga, required to smoothly bring the results of the yoga to fruition. The result is difficulty and stress as they prepare themselves and their life for the good effects of the yoga to come.

Following are a few important yogas from the book Core Yogas that Kala is not smart enough to find yet, but which are well worth checking for manually:. The lagna lord, its dispositor, the dispositor of that, and the navamsa lord of the last must be in an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi. The more times a dispositor of a dispositor is well placed, the more auspicious the original planet in question becomes. Kalpadruma yoga, like Parijatha Yoga, helps the native to fulfill every desire. Parijatha "celestial coral tree" Yoga.

The dispositor of the lord of the lagna lord, and the navamsa lord of that dispositor, must be in an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi. This yoga, therefore, helps the native to fulfill every desire. This yoga emphasizes the importance of the navamsa dispositor of a planet, which is just as important as its rasi dispositor.

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