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The number 7 stands in symbolism for the Planet Neptune, which is associated with the moon. The moon is always given a number of 2. That is why number 7 people have 2 as their secondary number. They are independent, original and individualistic: Number 7 people are extremely independent, original and invidualistic. They can rarely be found huddled in groups in order to seek the false security of numbers. They stand on their own feet with their heads held high and exist by their own minds and their own endeavour.

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Unity does not mean strength for them. It means an unnecessary hindrance and a nuisance, a pressure from a brutish and unthinking collective on the profound thinking of an individual. They are restless and love to travel: Number 7 people are restless.

They love change and travel. They love to visit foreign countries and far-off lands.

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They eagerly absorb information on travel and exotic lands. Their philosophical outlook makes them inactive: They have a peculiar philosophical outlook on life which causes their work to suffer. The only worthwhile philosophy of life out to be of Karma of functional creativity. Their philosophy takes them to bizarre conclusions. They may accept this as genuine philosophy but it is infact an anti-life preoccupation which reduces their quality of life.

They have original ideas in business: Number 7 people have original ideas in business. This generates enormous riches for them, though they are rarely interested in wealth. That is probably why they give large donations to charities. The problem with number 7 people is that travel and far-off countries interest them above everything else.

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They have peculiar ideas about religion: Number 7 people have very peculiar ideas about religion. Most of them create a religion of their own. Their religion is imaginative and mysterious. The supreme consciousness leads them naturally to spiritualism, which is different from normal understanding. Some of the greatest prophets and spiritualists are number 7 people.

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They normally appear mysterious and absent-minded to average people. They have remarkable dreams: Number 7 people have remarkable dreams.

They naturally lean toward occult studies. They are intuitive and clairvoyant. They possess a certain kind of appeal which influences people in a very peaceful way. They are stubborn: Number 7 people are stubborn. They generally disregard opinions of others. They are logical and precise. Their precision leaves no room for including opinions of others. They are sensitive: Number 7 persons are very sensitive.

They may not appear to be so because they go to extremes in order to hide their feelings. They are tolerant and creative: Number 7 persons are cool and tolerant. This makes them poetic and philosophic. They make this world more civilised and worthwhile. Their original and fertile brains are ideally suited to created magnificence for themselves as well as for others. They can make excellent writers: A favourable transit of Neptune inspires a number 7 writer to create book which usually brings him enormous joy, fame and money.

They are very lucky: Number 7 people are very lucky. Coming in contact with them makes others lucky as well. There is so much of positive energy and vibrations in number 7 persons that they create magnificence without striving to do so. They go to extremes to improve something: There is nothing which is beyond their desire to improve on something that needs reform.

They are game tiers and succeed where most others fail. Their power to think independently and imaginatively creates delicious possibilities to uplift things. Number 7 persons may not be eloquent in their speech but they are excellent at creating goodness. Honest labour in invariably bears a lovely face; it also conquers all things.

This is very apt for number 7 persons. They create opportunities when they are functional, which others would believe impossible. They generate goodness out of these opportunities which would baffle most people. They are gentle and well conducted: Number 7 people are gentle, but they cannot exist under threat of anybody.

They are normally well connected and people higher in status than them would consider them their equals. They are excellent bosses: Number 7 people are excellent bosses. They never pester, especially over trivialities. They may appear hard on surface but their sense of fairness and their loving heart makes no one resentful towards them. People love and respect them.

The creativity makes them changeable: Their changeable temperament is of the creative kind. It ensures progression and prevents them from inert laziness. Change is the only thing that advances existence. It is hardly surprising that impetus to life is provided mostly by number 7 people. Their adaptability makes them endearing to all ages: Number 7 persons are courted by children, youth and old age as one of their own.

Their wonderful adaptability makes them endearing to every age and environment. They never seem to be out of place in the most unusual of surroundings. They have excellent intuitive power: Number 7 persons cannot be easily deceived by other people mainly because of their excellent intuitive power.

They can easily know what the other person is thinking and what he wants. Their orders are made after rational thought: Number 7 persons are not prone to give orders as a rule, but once they do they want to be implemented meticulously. Their orders are made after due and rational thought, and they are normally obeyed.

They are magnetic and have a good memory: Number 7 persons have a good memory. They also have the capacity to create a lasting impression of the people they meet. Their magnetism is such that it casts a spell on people. This spell lasts for long periods. It is therefore hardly surprising that their friends cooperate so easily with them and generate so much profit for them. They are adventurers: Number 7 persons are adventurers by nature.

They love literature of daring adventure. They devour spy stories. They even undertake detective work at great risk to their lives.

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They are brave: Number 7 persons are brave. This is often a latent trait in character. It is better for them to recognise this trait and advance on its path. It would also create benefits. They are diligent and hard working: Number 7 persons are diligent and hard working. Number 7 persons must, however, remember that a donkey works the hardest but rarely succeeds.

Human endeavour demands creativity and rational planning in the desired directions.

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This is sometimes forgotten by number 7 persons, which results in their hard labour going in vain. They are either creative or hard-working but never both at the same time. Number 7 people must take some precautions in order to fulfil the true potential of their magnificent number.

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These precautions are:. Number 7 persons undergo many ups and downs in their lives. They also care very little about wealth and material things. That is the reason why they rarely amass wealth. Their wealth comes normally from their creative ideas and methods of business. The women of this number are very anxious about finances. They normally marry men who are richer than them. Number 7 people can benefit immensely if they enter into a partnership or deal with such a person. Such a partnership would prove fruitful. Romance is also likely to be rewarding with such persons.

The lucky dates of number 7 persons are 1, 2 and 7, which means 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 28th and 29th of any month.